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October 2021

Zhong Yao Cai. 1998 Mar; 21(3): 137-40.

[The experiment research of ginger detoxification to Rhizoma Pinelliae]

Wu H, Shu W, Qiu L, Ye D.

Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicines, 210029.

The experiment results have shown that Ginger can abate the stimulation of Phizoma Pinelliae on abdominal cavity of mice, reduce the torsion incidence rate of mice because of pain which is resulted to i.p. powder suspension of raw Rhizoma pinelliae. We also observed that Ginger can obviously inhibit the increase of capillary permeatility of abdominal cavity of mice, reduce the PGE2 content of inflammatory foot tissue of mice which is due to inject juice of fresh Pinellia Rhizoma. In addition, Ginger can increase the PGE2 content of mice gastric solution, antegonise the decrease of PGE2 content which is come from administration of raw Pinellia Rhizoma and protect the gastric mucous. Above mentioned results suggested that Ginger have detoxification in vivo. to toxin of Pinellia Rhizoma.

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