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October 2021

Zhong Yao Cai. 1998 Jun; 21(6): 307-9.

[The further studies on the pharmacological actions of Bupleurum smithii var. parvifolium]

Zhao Y, Tao S, Wang Y, Sun H.

Ningxia Institute for Drug Control, Yinchuan 750004.

Bupleurum smithii var. parvifolium grown widely in Ningxia, had a long history as a common medicinal herb. Its crude saponin had significant protective effect in hepatic damage caused by CCl4 in mice, its ether extract had significant analgesic effect. The ether extract also had significant immunological facilitation effect in mice, it could increase the thymus gland weight and the serum IgG content. These results were similar to or better than that of B. chinense and indicated that B. smithii var. parvifolium could be used as B. chinense.

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