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October 2021

Chiropr Hist. 1998 ; 18(1): 69-76.

Pacific States Chiropractic College: the legacy of George Emmet Anderson, D.C.

Gayman PG, Dileo PS.

Life Chiropractic College West Public Clinic, Hayward, California 94541-7975.

Established in 1976, Pacific States Chiropractic College (PSCC) was the first such institution in Northern California since the 1950s. Its founder, Dr. George E. Anderson, was himself a 1954 graduate of an earlier school, Claifornia Chiropractic College at Oakland. His vision was of a strong, professionally-owned institution founded on a balance of science, art and traditional chiropractic principles. It was to be a fitful start for the new school as two administrators would be discharged for malfeasance; lawsuits filed against them by Dr. Anderson and his founding associate, Dr. George Wentland. A newly-structured PSCC reopened in September 1978 at its present location in San Lorenzo and with its master plan intact. In the early 1980s, after three interim administrations and a long search Pacific States was merged with Life Chiropractic College of Marietta, GA. Dr. Gerard W. Clum was named president. Fully accredited, Life Chiropractic College West today the largest chiropractic institution on the West Coast and carries on the dream of Dr. George Anderson.

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