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October 2021

Man Ther. 1998 Feb; 3(1): 34-41.

Comparison of two passive mobilizing techniques following Colles' fracture: a multi-element design.

Coyle JA, Robertson VJ.

Corowa Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, Corowa, Australia

SUMMARY. This study compared the outcomes of using two passive mobilizing techniques, passive sustained stretches and oscillations, to treat post-immobilization sequelae of Colles' fractures types I and III. The study used a type of single subject, multi-element design, to enable comparisons of the two techniques in the same subject, when rapid change and limited reversibility was expected and research had to occur concurrently with treatment. Eight female subjects were randomly assigned to predesigned sets of treatment conditions for six consecutive sessions. Each subject had completed the usual 6 weeks of immobilization of their affected arm within 3 days of commencing the study. Results indicate that both passive mobilizing techniques increased the range of wrist extension, but, if pain was present, oscillations were more effective. Consistent with this, sustained stretches were more effective in the absence of pain or later in a series of treatments. Copyright 2000 Harcourt Publishers Ltd.

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