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October 2021

Man Ther. 1998 Feb; 3(1): 27-33.

Reliability of the OSI CA 6000 Spine Motion Analyzer with a new skin fixation system when used on the thoracic spine.

Troke M, Moore AP, Cheek E.

Department of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, University of Brighton, Eastbourne, UK

SUMMARY. Following the independent development in the University of Brighton of a new skin fixation system for use with the OSI CA 6000 Spine Motion Analyzer (SMA), a series of studies was initiated to test the reliability of the instrument with the new skin fixation system, and the repeatability of the results thus obtained. Successful completion of previous repeatability and reliability studies using the SMA to measure lumbar spine motion, led to the development of a repeatability study, utilizing the instrument on the thoracic spine. This involved 11 asymptomatic subjects and three separate operators. The mean ranges of motion obtained from these results are reported and analyses of variance were used to calculate Intra-class Correlation Coefficients (ICCs) as an indication of reliability and repeatability. These are summarized as follows: Flexion/Extension ranges 0.77; lateral flexion ranges 0.88; rotation ranges 0.84. It is concluded that the instrument is capable of producing repeatable results when used by suitably trained clinicians and the results reported justify progression to the collection of normative data and other related studies for thoracic spine motion, utilizing the CA 6000 Spine Motion Analyzer with the new skin fixation system. Copyright 1998 Harcourt Publishers Ltd.

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