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Zhongguo Yi Xue Ke Xue Yuan Xue Bao. 1998 Apr; 20(2): 154-60.

[Spinal segment distribution of neural innervation related to houhai acupoint and compared with zusanli and dazhui acupoints in domestic chicken]

Liu Y, Tan H, Wan X, Zuo Z, Liu K.

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, CAMS and PUMC, Beijing 100005.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to demonstrate the spinal segmental innervation of Houhai, Dazhui and Zusanli acupoints in domestic chicken. METHODS: The horseradish peroxidase conjugated cholera toxin B subunit (CB-HRP) was injected into the regions of the three acupoints namely, Houhai Dazhui and Zusanli respectively in separate groups of chicken. The frozen sections of spinal cord and dorsal ganglia were prepare for labelling using TMB as a chromogen. RESULTS: (1) In Houhai group the anterograde transganlionic labelling terminals were densely distributed in the dorsal horn and dorsal commissure nucleus. The moto-neurons in ventral horn labelled retrogradely appeared fine arborization of dendrites. There were labelled cell bodies in the dorsal region of the ventral horn (lamina VII) or dorsal commissure nucleus. (2) In Dazhui group, the bundles of labelled fibers presented from laminea I and II to IX in the caudal cervical enlargements and two upper thoracic segments. The labelled motoneurons were shown in medial and lateral groups. The most numourous of labelled ganglionic cells appeared in this group. (3) The labelling sensory ganglionic neurons and their terminals in spinal cord related Zusanli acupoint were overlaped with those related Houhai acupoint. The largest numbers of the labelled ventral motoneurons occured in the Zusanli group. CONCLUSIONS: The results demontrated the patterns of segmental innervation corresponding respectively to Houhai, Dazhui, and Zusanli acupoints. The anterograde afferent labelling terminals and interrelationship of the dendritic arborization of retrograde labelling motoneurons (somatic or visceral) provided neuroanatomical evidences for the innervation of the acupoints.

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