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October 2021

J Tradit Chin Med. 1998 Sep; 18(3): 215-7.

Clinical observation on treatment of 83 cases of posthemiplegic omalgia.

Chen L, Wu Q.

Second Affiliated Hospital, Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fuzhou.

An analysis on 83 cases of posthemiplegic omalgia (shoulder pain) shows that the pathogenesis of the pain is closely related to the improper passive movement at the early stage of hemiplegia (62.7%). The large range of passive movement is a dangerous factor leading to omalgia. In the study of upper extremity complications, the incidence of shoulder-hand syndrome is relatively high (42.2%), and it is often accompanied by hand swelling (83.1%). The authors suggest that painless movement of the shoulder joint should be limited in a range of 90-120 degrees, massage be carried out immediately after acupuncture, and the affected upper extremity be moved passively during the needle retention. This therapeutic method is definitely effective for pasthemiplegic omalgia.

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