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October 2021

J Tradit Chin Med. 1998 Jun; 18(2): 99-101.

Acupuncture treatment of migraine in Germany.

Hu J.

Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing.

1. The fact that 25% of the German population have the problem of headache, or migraine is uniquely characteristic of Germany. The administration of analgesics which used to be their local treatment for the problem can neither give a radical cure nor avoid certain side effects. 2. It can be seen from the therapeutic result of a 80% effective rate in 89 cases of migraine that acupuncture treatment is an effective therapy for "German migraine" without any side effects. 3. Since 10% of the migraine cases were related to the improper sleeping posture, due attention should be paid and appropriate measures be taken to prevent occurrence of headache. 4. While receiving acupuncture treatment, the cases of migraine related to menstruation should also try to regulate their emmeniopathy. 5. It seems somewhat difficult for acupuncture treatment to give good effects in those with migraine related to psychological pressures and in those given long-term administration of contraceptives. This needs to be further studied.

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