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October 2021

Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi. 1998 Sep; 12(5): 315-8.

[Experimental study on the effect of Chinese traditional medicine "bone growth fluid" in the change of trace elements in bone lengthening area]

Zou P, Li Z, Ruan M.

Orthopedic Center of PIA, Kunming General Hospital, Chengdu Military Region, P.R. China.

In order to study the effect of Chinese traditional medicine, "Bone Growth Fluid", on bone formation in bone lengthening, the limb lengthening model was made on goat to observe bone formation in the distracted area, and the content of the trace elements was determined. The bone-lengthening operation was carried out on the upper metaphysis of left tibia. The animals were divided into two groups following operation. From 2nd day afteroperation, "Bone Growth Fluid", 10 ml per kilogram body weight, was given daily to goats in the experimental group, and same amount of normal saline was given to goats in another group as control. The results showed-that new bone formation and bone remodeling in the experimental group appeared earlier than that in the control group, and the content of the trace elements was also improved. So Chinese Traditional medicine, "Bone Growth Fluid", could accelerate the accumulation of the trace elements in callus on the distracted sites and it might play some role in the promotion of osteogenesis and bone remodeling in bone lengthening.

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