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October 2021

Ter Arkh. 1998 ; 70(12): 44-6.

[Treatment of bronchial asthma by the Su-Jok therapy method]

UbaÄ­dullaev AM, Sharafutdinova GKh, Ismailov ShU.

AIM: To evaluate the influence of su-jok therapy (one of the methods of alternative medicine) in combination with chemotherapy on the course of bronchial asthma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 68 patients have undergone su-jok therapy in combination with drug treatment in accordance with international asthma consensus. Control group of 44 patients received only chemotherapy. The response was assessed by: quantitative indices of asthma course, FEV1, FEF 25, 75, 50, PEF, demand of beta2-agonists, long-term outcomes. RESULTS: The efficiency coefficient made up 2.64 in patients versus 1.48 in controls. Demand of beta2-agonists reduced 4 times versus 1.6 times, respectively. The degree of improvement of bronchial permeability at the level of distal bronchus was 2 times higher in the study group. Other functional parameters were not significantly different. The period free of exacerbations with hospital care was 1.7 times longer in patients on su-jok therapy. CONCLUSION: The su-jok therapy adjuvant to chemotherapy is highly effective.

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