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October 2021

Sante Publique. 1998 Dec; 10(4): 413-23.

[Determinants for choice of medical management in the Bas-Rhin]

Sartori V, Blanc D, Hedelin G, Schaffer P.

Laboratoire d'épidémiologie et de santé publique, faculté de médecine, Strasbourg, France.

It has already been established that the social origin and the demographic factors have an influence, among other things, on medical practice. What about it in the Bas-Rhin? Our survey's objective consists of emphasising on what motivates the choice of the type of medicine. METHOD: Phone survey on a representative sample of 1010 persons aged between 25 and over 64, residing in the Bas-Rhin. RESULTS: Participation has been of 66.3%. Among participants, there are 49.1% of men and 50.9% of women. 9 among 10 participants state that they have a family doctor. More women claim they are more likely to see a homeopathic doctor and/or a professional of alternative medicine. 8 among 10 persons have their blood pressure checked. 50.9% of participants have a blood analysis made in order to determine their cholesterol level. Building on these medical practices, several groups have been created. 54.1% of participants belong to the same group, having in common the facts of having a family doctor, having their blood pressure checked, and never seeing a professional of alternative medicine. The female participants are properly followed up on the gynecological point of view. Only 29 among 500 women have never had a cervical smear done. The carrying out of a mammography raises with age. When fearing a potential cancer, the first step taken by 56.2% of participants consists of seeing a generalist doctor, whereas 65.9% would prefer going to the hospital to perform further tests. As far as treatment is concerned, 76.8% of them would rather go to a specialised department, even if it is located far from their home. Special attention is to be paid to the fidelity of the population of the Bas-Rhin toward their family doctor. He represents the main link of information between the patient and the prevention policies that have been implemented over the last years.

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