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October 2021

Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1997 May; 17(5): 286-8.

[Effect of acupoint irradiation with Q-wave millimeter microwave on peripheral white blood cells in post-operational treatment with chemotherapy in stomach and colorectal cancer patients]

Wu JG, Huang WZ, Wu BY.

Oncology Department of Second Ningde District Hospital, Fujian.

OBJECTIVE: To explore the biological effect of Q-wave millimeter microwave (QWMM). METHODS: The QWMM was used to irradiate the acupoints Xuehai (Sp10) and Geshu (B17) in treating post-operational and chemotherapy treated stomach cancer and colorectal cancer patients. The effect of irradiation on chemotherapy affected peripheral white blood cells was observed. 62 cases (stomach cancer 42, colorectal cancer 20) in total were divided into two groups: group A, 21 cases (stomach cancer 15, colorectal cancer 6) the irradiation began 10 days after operation, and on the 16th day the chemotherapy combined with irradiation started. Group B had 41 cases (stomach cancer 27, colorectal cancer 14), in which the irradiation began immediately after the occurrence of chemotherapy induced peripheral WBC reduction, which persisted for at least 12 days. RESULTS: The effective rate for the group A and B was 85.7% (18/21) and 73.2% (30/41) respectively. The total effective rate of the two groups was 77.4% (48/62). The effective rate of group A was significantly higher than that of group B, P < 0.01. CONCLUSION: GWMM irradiation at acupoints could promote the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, and the irradiation performed 1 week before chemotherapy yielded even better protection on bone marrow.

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