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October 2021

Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1997 Apr; 17(4): 207-9.

[Therapeutic effect of kangke injection on viral myocarditis and its anticoxsackie virus mechanism]

Chen SX, Mei SW, Wang PQ.

Renji Hospital, Shanghai Second Medical University.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the efficacy of Kangke Injection in treating viral myocarditis. METHODS: Kangke Injection is the effective ingredient extracted from Radix Sophora flavescens (RSF). Seventy-six cases of virus myocarditis suffering from the continuous positive Coxsackie B virus ribose nucleic acid-polymerase chain reaction (CBVRNA-PCR) in blood, their peak value in blood was determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and compared with 50 cases treated by glucose-insulin-potassium chloride (GIK). RESULTS: The clearance rate of CBVRNA-PCR and RSF was dose-dependent. The effective rate of RSF on palpitation, chest distress, dispnea was 96.02%, and that of arrhythmia was 100%, all of them were better than those of control. After RSF therapy, the parameters of heart function of ejection fraction (EF), stroke volume (SV), cardiac output (CO), and cardiac index (CI) elevated significantly (P < 0.01), left ventricular mass (LVM) and left ventricular mass index (LVMI) were decreased statistically significantly, while after 5 month therapy, the anti-Coxsackie group B virus neutralizing antibodies of RSF group was returned to normal titer, natural killer (NK) cell activity elevated, P < 0.01. CONCLUSION: RSF was an effective substance for regressing the "Pathologic status" of viral myocarditis.

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