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October 2021

Dakar Med. 1997 ; 42(2): 169-71.

[Application of phytotherapy in odontology: the case of Euphorbia balsamifera. Endodontic clinical trial]

Yam AA, Gaye F, Dieme FA, Bassene E, Ba I.

Institut d'Odontologie-Stomatologie, Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar.

Phytotherapy is a medicinal and ancestral practice in Africa. It deals with all the fields of human pathology. We wanted to ascertain the efficacy of some plants used in odontology as Euphorbia balsamifera traditionally used as antalgic treatment of acute dental pulpitis. The latex of the plant was caught and treated as to get enough stable paste. We used that paste in the same conditions we use arsenical nerve caustics, a pulpal devitalizer widely used in dental offices. The study carried out on 37 teeth has shown that latex of Euphorbia balsamifera is an effective pulpal devitalizing in contact with the pulp. Its lifetime action was comparable to that of the pulpal nerve caustics. The active principles are not known, however the product seems attractive as a pulpal devitalizing agent.

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