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October 2021

J R Soc Health. 1997 Dec; 117(6): 381-5.

Knowledge and misconceptions about malaria among secondary school students and teachers in Kassala, eastern Sudan.

Elzubier AG, Ansari EH, el Nour MH, Bella H.

Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, King Faisal University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

This study reports the responses of high secondary school students and teachers to a questionnaire on their knowledge and misconceptions about malaria. Knowledge about symptoms and cause of malaria seems to be adequate. However, there were deficiencies regarding knowledge of the seriousness of malaria in primigravidas and children. There was an exaggerated belief that chloroquine may cause abortion. There were also important misconceptions regarding the causation of malaria by the plant Unkoleeb (sorghum saccharatum), the belief that the local beverage Aradaib (Tramindus indica) cures malaria, as well as beliefs that chloroquine injections are more effective than tablets, that intravenous fluids are essential for treatment of every attack, and that multi-vitamins may prevent the disease. The study throws light on areas where health education should be focused.

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