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October 2021

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1997 ; 22(3-4): 167-74.

The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test used in the successful diagnosis & treatment (with antibiotic, anti-viral agents & oriental herbal medicine) of a patient suffering from pain & weakness of an upper extremity & Barré-Liéou syndrome appearing after whiplash injury. A case report.

Ayuzawa S, Yano H, Enomoto T, Kobayashi H, Nose T.

Department of Neurosurgery, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

A patient with a whiplash injury suffering from prolonged symptoms, including pain and weakness of the right upper extremity and the symptoms of Barré-Liéou syndrome, was diagnosed and treated with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test as a supplement to standard medical examinations. Radiological findings showed spondylotic canal stenosis with osteophytes and disc protrusions. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test indicated a strong abnormal response around the right side of his neck and right shoulder, including the area of the vertebral artery and at acupuncture point GB 21, where positive resonant responses to Cytomegalovirus and Streptococcus faecalis were detected. Antibiotic and anti-viral agents, as well as Ku-Oketsu-Zai, a type of Oriental herbal medicine for overcoming blood stagnation or stasis, were administered according to the drug compatibility test using the Bi-Digital O-ring Test and the following clinical results were obtained. Infection at the site of the vertebral artery and the peri-arterial sympathetic nerve plexus was considered as a cause of the prolongation of the symptoms including Barré-Liéou syndrome, in this case. In addition we especially noted, in this clinical case, that the patient's impaired grasping force dramatically improved from 8 kg to 52 kg in a very short periods of time when the patient held suitable medicine selected with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test drug compatibility test. We assume that the drug action was transferred electromagnetically, by which the pathological electromagnetic oscillations caused by trauma and following infections were scavenged. This effect might lead to an improvement in the coordination of the neuromuscular system.

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