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October 2021

Lik Sprava. 1997 Sep-Oct; (5): 172-5.

[Infrared laser puncture in the treatment of facial neuritis]

Chupryna HM.

Overall eighty-seven patients with facial neuritis [correction of paralysis] received multimodality treatment involving infrared laser acupuncture procedures. The unit "Biomed-001" operating at wavelength 890 nm with intensity 20 mW served as a source of laser light. The acupuncture points (with 10 to 15 points in each treatment session, duration of exposure being 1 to 3 min) were selected according to principles of traditional Chinese medicine. One course of the infrared laser therapy acupuncture treatments is 12 to 16 sessions. The described treatment option applied in the above patients population was associated with a good clinical effect confirmed by results of studies made with the aid of electrophysiological modalities.

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