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October 2021

Z Kardiol. 1997 Sep; 86(9): 691-702.

[Primary results and long-term outcome of an ambulatory, cardiac rehabilitation model (phase II) after myocardial infarct, dilatation treatment and heart operation]

Gysan DB, Heinzler R, Schmidt K.

From October 1994 to July 1996, 128 patients (30 women, 98 men) participated in an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program (phase II). Our objectives were to demonstrate risk-factor modification and increased work-load capacity resulting directly from the rehabilitation in terms of primary results and long-term effects, 6 months (n = 59) and 12 months (n = 30) after termination of the program. We observed how many of the patients were able to be occupationally re-integrated after completion of phase II rehabilitation. During the 4-week program, the work-load capacity increased significantly from 1.2 W/kg to 1.5 W/kg (p < or = 0.05). After 6 months (1.4 W/kg) and 1 year (1.5 W/kg), consistently high workload capacities were noted. Total cholesterol decreased significantly from 247 mg/dl to 201 mg/dl (p < or = 0.05) during the 4-week program. After 6 months (219 mg/dl) and 1 year (210 mg/dl) significant reductions persisted (p < or = 0.05). Similar results with LDL-cholesterol were seen: 185 mg/dl before entering the program, 146 mg/dl after 4 weeks, 158 mg/dl after 6 months and 151 mg/dl after 1 year. Triglyceride levels showed a significant reduction (p < or = 0.05), 189 mg/dl before entering in the program, 148 mg/dl after 4 weeks, 143 mg/dl after 6 months, and 135 mg/dl after 1 year. The HDL-levels increased slightly as a long-term effect, i.e., from 51 mg/dl to 49 mg/dl during the 4 week program, and 57 mg/dl after 6 and 12 months. Of the patients questioned (n = 73), 73% found the program very good, 27% said it was good, and no patient was dissatisfied. Of the 63 patients who were actively employed before becoming ill and later entered our program, 51 (81%) were able to be immediately re-integrated into their previous occupation. In several cases this re-integration took 7 weeks. Seven (11%) patients applied for pension, and 5 (8%) patients remained unemployed on sick-leave.

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