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October 2021

J Altern Complement Med. 1997 Fall; 3(3): 241-8.

A double blind, randomized, controlled investigation of electrodermal testing in the diagnosis of allergies.

Krop J, Lewith GT, Gziut W, Radulescu C.

University Department of Medicine, Southampton General Hospital, England.

This investigation evaluates electrodermal (ED) testing in 41 polysymptomatic allergic patients. Electrodermal testing discriminated correctly 82% of the time between house dust mite and histamine (allergens) and saline or water (nonallergens) in our first study group involving 17 patients (p = 0.007). The second study involved 24 patients and used the same double-blind methodology discriminating 96% of the time between allergic and nonallergic substances (p = 0.000002). We conclude that ED testing is a reliable method of differentiating between allergic and nonallergic substances in the context of our study.

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