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October 2021

J Med Dent Sci. 1997 Mar; 44(1): 31-5.

Pharmacokinetic study on acetaminophen: interaction with a Chinese medicine.

Qi J, Toyoshima A, Honda Y, Mineshita S.

Department of Preventive Medicine, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan.

To know the influences of a Chinese traditional medicine (KAKKONTO) on the metabolism of acetaminophen (APAP), we have carried out pharmacokinetic studies on APAP under KAKKONTO coadministration in humans and rats. In humans, the pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated from the blood APAP concentration-time curves of each volunteer. The parameters did not show any significant differences between the KAKKONTO-coadministration group (group K) and the APAP-administration group (group A). KAKKONTO, when given at two different doses, did not show any significant effects on blood APAP level. In rats, the blood APAP level was significantly higher than that of group A (p < 0.01) only in the 100 mg/kg of group K at 0.25 h after APAP administration. There were no other significant differences.

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