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October 2021

Pharmacology. 1997 May; 54(5): 225-31.

Hemodynamic effects of chronic tetrandrine and propranolol administration on portal hypertensive rats.

Huang YT, Liu TB, Lin HC, Yang MC, Hong CY.

Institute of Traditional Medicine, National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the therapeutic effects of tetrandrine and propranolol, alone or in combination, on portal hypertensive rats. Portal hypertension was induced by partial portal vein ligation in Sprague-Dawley rats. Animals were allocated into one of the four groups: vehicle group (0.1 N.HCl, 0.7 ml/day), tetrandrine group (50 mg/kg/ day), propranolol group (30 mg/kg/day), and tetrandrine (50 mg/kg/day) plus propranolol (30 mg/kg/day) group. Drug or vehicle was administered by gavage for consecutive 9 days. After 9 days of treatment, the portal venous pressure and mean arterial pressure in each treatment group were significantly lower than those in the vehicle group. The cardiac index was not changed by tetrandrine alone, but reduced in the two groups receiving propranolol alone or in combination. Total peripheral resistance was significantly decreased in the tetrandrine group and significantly increased in the tetrandrine plus propranolol group as compared with the vehicle group. Our results suggested that tetrandrine or propranolol alone induced portal hypotensive effects, with propranolol achieving better antihyperdynamic effects in terms of cardiac index, and in combination propranolol effects predominated over those of tetrandrine.

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