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October 2021

Am J Chin Med. 1997 ; 25(3-4): 357-66.

Pulse spectrum study on the effect of sie-zie-tang and Radix aconiti.

Wang WK, Hsu TL, Chiang Y, Wang YY.

Biophysics Laboratory, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

Extracts of the traditional Chinese formula Sie-Zie-Tang as well as one of its main components, Radix Aconiti were injected into rats intraperitoneally to observe pressure wave spectrum changes at the caudate artery. We found that Radix Aconiti decreased the C0 (DC term of the pulse), C5 and C6 (the harmonic proportions of the 5th and the 6th harmonic), but increased C2 and C3 (the harmonic proportions of the second and the third harmonic) significantly. For Sie-Zie-Tang, the increases of C2, C3, and C4 were accompanied by the decreasing of C0. The decreases of C5, C6 were small and not significant. The additional ingredients in the formula reduce toxic side effects (arrhythmia or heart failure caused by faster and stronger heart beat) due to Radix Aconiti. For human subjects, low dose Sie-Zie-Tang tends to normalize the Fourier components of the pressure wave. Orally taking the formula elevates the harmonic proportion of the harmonic that is lower than normal, but suppresses the higher one. Our results provides a possible mechanism for heart meridian related herbs. It strengthens heart beats, and normalizes energy distribution to different meridians. The study on Sie-Zie-Tang reveals another formula construction to reduce toxic side effects.

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