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October 2021

J Ethnopharmacol. 1997 Jul; 57(2): 81-3.

Phytochemical and biological study of radal Lomatia hirsuta (Proteaceae).

Erazo S, García R, Backhouse N, Lemus I 1st , Delporte C, Andrade C.

Department of Pharmacological and Toxicological Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences, University of Chile, Santiago.

The anti-inflammatory property of Lomatia hirsuta (Lam.) Diels ex Macbr. (Proteaceae), leaves (radal), a plant used in Chilean traditional medicine for bronchial troubles and asthma, was evaluated. The biological assays showed infusion of L. hirsuta leaves inhibits the inflammation induced by lambda-carrageenan corresponding to a 29.2% anti-inflammatory effect, and to 53.5% of the maximum effect observed with sodium naproxen (4 mg/kg) in the same experimental conditions. The coumarins, umbelliferone and scopoletin, were the major compounds isolated, along with quercetine, rhamnetin and iso-rhamnetin, with minor quantities or quercitrine and no presence of toxic naphthoquinone derivates. These results supported the folk use of L. hirsuta.

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