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October 2021

Ther Umsch. 1997 May; 54(5): 263-71.

[Drug addiction--origin, development and pharmacological intervention]

Qu B, Pasi A.

Laboratorien für Endorphinforschung, Institut für Rechtsmedizin, Universität Zürich.

The present essay on drug addiction deals, under the escort of empirical knowledges emanating from medico-legal toxicology, mainly with the behavioural, neurobiological, forensic and pharmacotherapeutical aspects of drug seeking and taking behaviour. The article emphasizes the idea that treatment of drug dependence [including that of the associated diseases and complications] should be performed according to the specific pharmacological and toxicological properties of the drugs involved. Furthermore, the treatment of drug dependence should be carried out in agreement with the individual needs of the patient, and in concordance with the multiple factors involved in the development and maintenance of drug addiction.

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