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October 2021

J Intellect Disabil Res. 1997 Jun; 41 ( Pt 3)(): 201-7.

A comparison of the effects of four therapy procedures on concentration and responsiveness in people with profound learning disabilities.

Lindsay WR, Pitcaithly D, Geelen N, Buntin L, Broxholme S, Ashby M.

Dundee Healthcare NHS Trust, Scotland.

This paper is an investigation into the efficacy of four therapeutic treatment procedures increasingly used with people with profound learning disabilities: snoezelen, hand massage/aromatherapy, relaxation, and active therapy (a bouncy castle). In particular, the effects of these procedures on concentration and responsiveness were examined. Eight subjects with profound learning disabilities took part in the study and each subject received each of the treatments. To assess the effects of the treatments, simple concentration tasks were administered and the subjects' responsiveness to each treatment was rated by independent observers. The results suggest that both snoezelen and relaxation had a positive effect on concentration and seemed to be the most enjoyable therapies for clients, whereas hand massage/aromatherapy and active therapy had no or even negative effects on concentration and appeared less enjoyable.

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