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October 2021

Neurosci Lett. 1997 May; 227(3): 165-8.

Decreased heart rate by acupuncture stimulation in humans via facilitation of cardiac vagal activity and suppression of cardiac sympathetic nerve.

Nishijo K, Mori H, Yosikawa K, Yazawa K.

Laboratory of Acupuncture, Tsukuba College of Technology, Kasuga, Japan.

The effect of acupuncture stimulation applied to a Ximen point (P4) of a forearm on heart rate was studied in healthy volunteer human subjects. Acupuncture stimulation decreased heart rate, or gave no significant response. The decreased response of heart rate following acupuncture was attenuated by administration of atropine and propranolol. Therefore, the acupuncture-induced response of decrease in heart rate was concluded to be a result of a reciprocal coordination of an increase in cardiac vagal activity and a decrease in cardiac sympathetic activity.

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