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October 2021

Klin Med (Mosk). 1997 ; 75(2): 34-6.

[The results of combined acupuncture and laser therapy of outpatients with duodenal ulcer]

Burtsev VI, Prineslikov AP.


Exacerbations of duodenal ulcer (DU) were treated outpatient in 130 DU sufferers who failed previous chemotherapy. The treatment consisted of acupuncture, laser therapy, diet and drugs. All the patients achieved remission, relief of vegetative disorders. DU healing took less time (by 7-10 days) than in control group. Application of the acupuncture and laser radiation allowed assignment of minimal drug doses. 3-year long-term results showed the absence of recurrences for 1-3 years. 87 DU patients gave up smoking after additional acupuncture according to the special regimen. The conclusion is made that acupuncture combined with laser therapy is effective against DU, safe and usable in outpatient setting.

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