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October 2021

Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 1997 Apr; 41(2): 134-8.

Investigations of anti-inflammatory activity of Jigrine.

Karunakar N, Pillai KK, Husain SZ, Rao M.

Jigrine, a polypharmaceutical herbal formulation containing 14 medicinal plants is used in the Unani system of medicine for the treatment of liver ailments. The antiinflammatory activity of Jigrine (0.5 ml and 1.0 ml/kg, po), was evaluated against acute inflammation caused by carrageenin (injecting 0.1 ml of 1% carrageenin in 0.9% NaCl solution into plantar surface of the hind paw of the rat) and the effect of Jigrine (1 ml/kg/day, po for 7 days) was also studied on the sub-acute inflammation induced by cotton pellet granuloma. The paw volume, biochemical parameters like tissue AST, ALT, gamma-GTP and lipid peroxides and dry wt. of granuloma were measured to assess the anti-inflammatory activity. It showed a significant anti-inflammatory activity as evidenced by lowering the elevated levels of paw volume and biochemical parameters. But it could not reduce the sub-acute inflammation caused by cotton pellet granuloma. The study suggests that Jigrine has significant effect only on acute phase of inflammation caused by carrageenin. Antioxidant and membrane stabilizing action of Jigrine might be responsible for its anti-inflammatory effect.

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