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October 2021

Disabil Rehabil. 1997 Feb; 19(2): 39-46.

Posteroanterior spinal mobilization: state of the art review and discussion.

Björnsdóttir SV, Kumar S.

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Posteroanterior spinal mobilization is a commonly used technique among physical therapists to diagnose and treat lower back pain patients. Human subjects and instruments have been used to test for the reliability of physical therapists' ability to detect intervertebral motion, but studies confirm unreliable testing. Despite documented efficacy of manual treatment the mechanical response to posteroanterior spinal mobilization is not well understood, and this has been emphasized in recent studies. Various modes of instrumental methodology have been used for objective measurements of force application and joint displacement. Some instruments serve to mobilize the spine others serve as measurement tools for mobilization. The literature does not provide a gold standard for the ideal magnitude of force applied or joint displacement. The terminology used in the field of manual therapy is often confusing, and terms need to be defined. A review and discussion is presented here to highlight the issues and gaps.

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