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October 2021

Schmerz. 1997 Feb; 11(1): 24-9.

[Acupuncture for pain in locomotive disorders. Critical analysis of clinical studies with respect to the quality of acupuncture in particular]

Molsberger A, Böwing G.

Forschungsgruppe Akupunktur, Dsseldorf.

Abstract.88 clinical acupuncture studies concerning the treatment of locomotive disorders are compared. The studies are evaluated according to treatment quality and categorised into 6 categories. For the assessment of acupuncture treatment quality minimal criteria are defined: reporting the duration of one acupuncture treatment (at least 15 min.), reporting the frequency of acupuncture treatments (at least 10 sessions before canceling the therapy), exact description of used acupuncture points. Without respect to biostatistical and therapeutical qualities, 75 of 88 studies (85.2%) showed positive results for the acupuncture treatment. None of the 16 studies, that met the minimal criteria we defined, could prove that acupuncture is non-effective. Only two of the 16 studies are controlled trials. Our results were compared with those of meta-analytical reviews, which discussed acupuncture studies solely on the basis of the biometrical aspects. In comparison to conventional orthopedic therapies, certain locomotive disorders are recommended for acupuncture therapy.

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