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October 2021

Zhong Yao Cai. 1997 Jun; 20(6): 319-21.

[Clinial study of "qingjunyin" detoxification for the treatment of heroin addicts]

Lu H, Wang G, Lan S, Yuan D, Zhan C.

Hospital No. 177 of PLA, Guangzhou 510317.

To evaluate the efficacy of treatment of heroin addicts (n = 100) by "Qingjunyin" (QJY) detoxification (10 days program). Methadone detoxification (10 days program) group (n = 50) and colonidine treated group (n = 50) serve as controls. QJY group is given 180 ml P. O daily. The dosage of the two comparatine groups is given according to Documentation, the method of abserving the treatment protocols and detoxification standard is according to current regulation. The scores of abstinence syndrome in QJY detoxification group are lower than those in colonidine treated group in the first three days of potocol, but this difference disappear in the late stage of treatment. While QJY detoxification is effective as methadone detoxification in the control of abstinece syndrome during the first five days of treatment but the difference in the scores of abstinence syndrome between QJY and methadone group is observed during the late five days of protocol. QJY does not result in potential dependence and has definite curative effect in the treatment of heroin addiction.

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