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October 2021

Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 1997 Dec; 10(6): 398-400.

Effects of Chinese herb medicine on improving the circulation of rabbits under simulated weightlessness.

Shen X, Xiang Q, Meng J, Wang Y, Liu X, Wang S.

Institute of Space Medico-Engineering, Beijing, China.

In order to find out the effects of Chinese herb medicine on improving the functional state of blood circulation under weightlessness (WL) or simulated weightlessness (SWL), five experiments (building the SWL animal model and determining the treatment based on the differentiation of symptoms and signs, selecting herb medicine, determining the dosage of Chinese herb medicine, pharmacological text and toxicological experiment of (DH) were accomplished. Two kinds of Chinese herb medicine(CQ and DH) having the effects of improving the circulatory conditions of rabbits in SWL were selected. SWL animal model, space blood stasis and mechanism and effects of Chinese herb medicine were discussed.

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