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October 2021

Space Med Med Eng (Beijing). 1997 Feb; 10(1): 14-7.

[Observation on acupoint electric potential in pilots under vestibular stimulation]

Yu Y, Tian G, Gai Y, Hu S, Bai G.

Institute of Space Medico-Engineering, Beijing, China.

To study the possibility of using acupoint electric potential as an index for evaluation of pilot's reaction to vestibular stimulation, electric potential was measured on both sides of left and right Neiguan points and Zusanli points in 80 pilots. Rotation chair was used as the method of stimulation. The results showed that changes of acupoint electric potentials were not significant (P >0.05) during 5 min uniform rotation. While the changes under head motion stimulation were significant (P<0.05 or 0.01) as compared with the pretest values. Relationship between symptoms and the corresponding acupoint potential changes remain to be studied further.

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