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October 2021

J Tradit Chin Med. 1997 Dec; 17(4): 284-8.

Acupuncture methods for hemiplegic spasm.

Guo Z, Zhou M, Chen X, Wang R.

Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Remitting hemiplegic spasticity in apoplexy (HSA) is an important problem in today's clinical study. Through teaching and clinical practice, the authors summed up the effective acupuncture methods for remitting HSA: puncture deeply the acupoints on the superior-spasm side (SSS) by filiform needles so as to obtain the intensive needling sensations in the deep tissues (ISDT) until the superior spasm is immediately remitted; tap the skin on the inferior-spasm side (ISS) by skin needles until the corresponding muscle contracts. The methods have showed a significant immediate and long-term therapeutic effect.

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