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October 2021

J Tradit Chin Med. 1997 Dec; 17(4): 275-7.

Observation on electromyogram changes in 93 cases of peripheral facial paralysis treated by point-through-point acupuncture.

Yuan H, Zhang J, Feng X, Lian Y.

First Affiliated Hospital, Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Bioelectricity of the affected muscles at acute stage, recovery stage and sequel state in 93 cases of peripheral facial paralysis was observed with EMG. Pathological potential or motor potential was found to be reduced to varying degrees in all the affected muscles. After treatment by point-through-point acupuncture, myodynamia recovered fairly rapidly, EMG showed obvious changes, pathological potential decreased, and the normal motor unit potential increased remarkably. Comparative analysis of EMG before and after acupuncture indicated that point-through-point acupuncture had an obvious therapeutic effect on the disease. It was also very significant that EMG was used in diagnosing various stages of peripheral facial paralysis, evaluation of prognosis and guidance in clinical treatment.

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