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October 2022

Akush Ginekol (Sofiia). 1996 ; 35(3): 24-5.

[The effect of acupuncture in dysmenorrhea]

Tsenov D.

The author assumed the task study the effect of treatment dysmenorrhoea by acupuncture. Object of the study were 48 women in reproductive age divided in 2 groups: 1st group--24 women with primary dysmenorrhoea, 2nd group--24 women with secondary dysmenorrhoea. Acupuncture treatment included acupuncture points: LI4, SP6, 10, S30, 36 CV2, 3, CX5, 6, B20, 23 applied via torment method for 30 min. RESULTS. In the 1st group effect was very well after one course of 2-4 acupuncture procedures before menstruation. In the 2nd group effect was satisfactory in 50% of the cases after two courses acupuncture treatment. In conclusion effect of acupuncture treatment on dysmenorrhoea depend on its kind--primary dysmenorrhoea is influenced very well, while secondary dysmenorrhoea is influenced satisfactory.

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