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October 2022

Ter Arkh. 1996 ; 68(8): 28-31.

[Absolute diet therapy and antibiotic tolerance in bronchial asthma patients]

Fedoseev GB, Smirnov AIu, ZukheÄ­r A, Ivanova OA, Smirnova OI, Alekseeva EF, Totolian AA.

In 10 patients with bronchial asthma (BA) treated conventionally (control group), 10 BA patients on absolute diet therapy (group 1) and 10 BA patients in absolute diet therapy combined with wheat herb juice (group 2) tolerance to 12 antibiotics of different classes and some immunity factors were determined using a complex of diagnostic methods. The latter implies: case history, humoral and cell immunity defense system tests and special tests (chemical erythrograms and leukocyte migration inhibition test in plane capillary tubes with tested drugs). The data obtained evidence for increased tolerance of the antibiotics in groups 1 and 2 as well as for changes in humoral defense system, especially in immunoglobulin E. The drug tolerance may be a therapeutic criterion of absolute diet therapy in bronchial asthma patients.

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