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October 2022

Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 1996 Aug; 116(18): 2186-9.

[Attitudes of Norwegian physicians to homeopathy. A questionnaire among 2 019 physicians on their cooperation with homeopathy specialists]

Pedersen EJ, Norheim AJ, Fønnebe V.

Institutt for samfunnsmedisin, Universitetet i Tromsø.

This study presents Norwegian doctors' attitudes concerning co-operation with homeopaths, their advice to patients who want to try homeopathic treatment and for which diseases, if any, they might be positive to homeopathic treatment. The Norwegian Medical Association made a randomised, stratified sample consisting of 2,019 Norwegian doctors below the age of 71. The study was made questionnaire-based and a total of 1,434 doctors (71%) replied. 7% of the doctors have or wish to have patient-associated collaboration with homeopaths. 32% would give positive advice to patients who expressed a desire to try homeopathic treatment, while 50%, owing to insufficient knowledge, would not give advice. Doctors educated abroad are more positive to homeopathic treatment than doctors educated in Norway are. 50% of Norwegian doctors tend to be positive to homeopathic treatment for one or more specific conditions. Anxiety, migraine and hayfever are the conditions most often mentioned. Male senior doctors are the least positive to homeopathic treatment for all of the listed conditions. Patients who would like to try homeopathic treatment after consultation with a doctor should consult a female general practitioner who has studied abroad.

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