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January 2022

The psychoeducational characteristics of school-aged students in Colorado with educationally significant hearing losses

Author(s): Downey, D. M.

Journal/Book: Volta Rev. 1996; 98: 3417 Volta Place NW, Washington, DC 20007. Alexander Graham Bell Assoc for the Deaf. 65-96.

Abstract: The purpose of this series of studies was to demonstrate the comparability of this Colorado population of dea for hard-of-hearing students with today's deafer hard-of hearing students and with those reported on in the literature. The students are described through their performance on the Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language (TACL) (Carrow-Woolfolk, 1973); The Test of Syntactic Abilities (Quigley, Steinkamp, Power, & Jones, 1978); words per T-unit (Hunt, 1965); Woodcock Johnson's Psychoeducational Battery (WJPEB) paragraph comprehension, calculation, and proofing subtests (1979); A Speech Intelligibility Test for Deaf Children (the Clarke test) (Manger, 1972); and the Vineland Social Maturity Scale (the Vineland scale) (Doll, 1965). Additionally, the relationship between these assessments and the elaboration, sequencing, story-grammar and total process score from the Colorado Process Analysis of Written Language (COPA) (Yoshinaga-Itano & Downey, 1992) is reported. The weakest relationship among these written-language strategies is with the Clarke test and the TACL, indicating that these metalinguistic/metacognitive written-language strategies are not strongly related to speech skills or syntactic structure comprehension through conversational dialogue. The WJPEB calculation subtest and the Vineland test have a surprisingly strong relationship with the COPA, indicating that the underlying cognitive strategies for these skills may be similar to those needed for written-language expression.

Note: Article YoshinagaItano C, Univ Colorado, Commun Disorders & Speech Sci Dept, Boulder,CO 80309 USA


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