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May 2022

Transversal reason and the sociological gaze. In remembrance of Montesquieu

Journal/Book: Z Soz. 1996; 25: Postfach 30 03 66, D-70443 Stuttgart, Germany. Ferdinand Enke Verlag. 315.

Abstract: With the publication of his book, Vernunft (Reason), Wolfgang Welsch has presented a convincing concept of reason. However,since he has limited his explication to the philosophical discourse, the sociological forerunners to his approach have remained hidden from his view. The present paper shows that, in coming to terms with the social, Montesquieu had already developed a world view marked by transversality, that this view was later adopted by Max Weber and Georg Simmel, and that it is still present in contemporary studies in comparative culture. This demonstration, however, in no way aims to lessen the originality of Welsch's philosophical model. It represents instead a call for a transdisciplinary dialogue conducted in the spirit of transversal reason.

Note: Article G Wagner, Univ Bielefeld, Fak Soziol, Postfach 100131, D-33501 Bielefeld, Germany

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