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January 2022

Sleep structure in depression, schizophrenia, psychosomatics, borderline syndrome and anorexia nervosa: A comparison

Author(s): Koppen, U.

Journal/Book: Dynam Psych. 1996; 29: Kantstrasse 120/121, D-10625 Berlin, Germany. Pinel-Verlag Fur Humanistische Psych Philos. 353-367.

Abstract: Samples consisting of 10 patients out of each of the following diagnostic groups are compared to each other, as well as to a selected control group, with regard to their sleep polygram: narcisssistic depression resp. MDD, schizophrenia, psychosomatic and borderline disease and anorexia nervosa. The different and common aspects of the standard parameters of sleep (quantitative proportions of the sleep stages) and the parameters of structure (segmentation of time) are illustrated in a synopsis. Furthermore the authors attempt to compare the sleep structure of individual diseases with those of other diseases and with those of the selected control group in terms of delimitative entities. On the background of sleep structures, which also entails comparisons of ectreme groups with regard to the allocation of NREM 3 and the length of REM latency, the attempt Is made to investigate how far aspects of sleep structure of human-structure as described by Ammon, on the basis of his human-structural concept with respect to the various psychiatric diseases.

Note: Article Thome A, Lindwurmstr 95A, D-80337 Munich, GERMANY


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