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December 2022

The initial sketch and the growth of a creative network of enterprises in early adulthood: George Bernard Shaw

Journal/Book: J Adult Development. 1996; 3: 233 Spring St, New York, NY 10013. Plenum Publ Corp. 33-41.

Abstract: Research in the evolving systems approach (see Gruber and Davis, 1988; Wallace and Gruber, 1989) shows that creative people at some time early in their careers construct an initial sketch that stimulates and guides further development of their ideas. This case study of Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) will describe this aspect of his early development: finding a sense of direction, or charting the creative life, by means of an initial sketch. It will also examine the role of a network of enterprises in the organization of a creative life. In Shaw's case, an initial sketch provides content for the creative process; a network of enterprises organizes the process. Incubation will be described as a period of inaction on one enterprise of the creative system while a different (sometimes similar) enterprise is being developed.

Note: Article L Tahir, 41 Geraldine Rd, Windsor, NJ 08520 USA

Keyword(s): initial sketch; network of enterprises; adult development; creativity; incubation; evolving systems

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