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May 2022

The reliability and validity of the Bethlem mother-infant interaction scale

Author(s): Tonge, B. J., Nunn, R. J.

Journal/Book: Br J Psychiatry. 1996; 169: British Journal of Psychiatry, 17 Belgrave Square, London, England SW1X 8PG. Royal College of Psychiatrists. 27-29.

Abstract: Background. The Bethlem Scale was designed as a validated measure of mother-infant adjustment in mother-baby units. Method. A multi-centre trial was conducted to investigate aspects of the reliability, validity and clinical usefulness of the Bethlem Mother-infant Interaction Scale within five in-patient psychiatric mother-baby units. Results. This revealed good inter-rater. test-retest and inter-item reliability. Correlations of the scale items with psychiatrist's ratings and changes in scoring over time suggest reasonable validity. despite some design problems with individual items. Conclusion. Mother-infant interaction scales may have an important role in improving the quality of care for mothers and their babies in the psychiatric setting. The development of a more extensive scale, the Monash Mother-infant Interaction Scale. is discussed.

Note: Article AJ Stocky, Monash Med Ctr, Dept Adult Psychiat, Locked Bag 29, Clayton, Vic 3168, Australia


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