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August 2022

Rhythmicity and preperformance ritual: Stabilizing a flexible system

Author(s): Amos, B.

Journal/Book: Res Quart Exercise Sport. 1996; 67: 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091. Amer Alliance Health Phys Educ Rec & Dance. 288-296.

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine: (a) if preperformance behaviors display a consistent rhythm across disparate activities; and (b) the relationship of periodicity for such preperformance routines to successful performance. Seven male volunteers were subjects for this study. Each subject had an established ritual for golf putt, basketball free throw, and tennis serve. Data were collected with a motion-analysis system and video camera while the subjects performed each activity. Dependent measures were types of preperformance behaviors, absolute timing of behaviors, relative timing of behaviors, differences in relative times across activities, and successful performance, and mechanical variables related to performance. Analysis of variance (Subject x Activity) indicated significant main effects and interactions for absolute and relative timing of behaviors. Significant correlations were determined to exist between relative time and success, and differences were found between relative times across activity and successful performance. It was concluded that rituals result from endogenous rhythms and that stable periodicity of behaviors across activities promotes successful performance.

Note: Article D Southard, Texas Christian Univ, Dept Phys Educ, FT Worth, TX 76129 USA

Keyword(s): rhythmicity; ritual; and motor performance

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