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May 2022

Video techniques with chemically-dependent patients

Author(s): Foote, J., Magura, S., Handelsman, L., Rosenblum, A., Lovejoy, M., Stimmel, B.

Journal/Book: Subst Use Misuse. 1996; 31: 270 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016. Marcel Dekker Inc. 965-1000.

Abstract: This paper describes the use of videotaping as an adjunctive intervention in the treatment of substance-dependent patients. In the context of a cognitive-behavioral treatment extensively modified to work with inner-city, methadone-maintained cocaine users, videotaping in both individual and group formats is described. Video sessions create an opportunity for patients to reflect on their experience, enhance their self-esteem, aid in teaching social skills, and help hard-to-engage patients begin to participate in treatment. In order to compete with both the powerfully reinforcing qualities of cocaine and the extreme degree of avoidance exhibited by this population, therapy has to provide intense capturing experiences at the outset of treatment. Patient's reactions indicate that the experience they have is captivating and stimulating more than most other early therapy experiences. It is additionally concluded that the use of video can be instrumental in addressing the severe psychological deficits of this population that otherwise impede treatment efforts. While the role of video was not independently evaluated for its contribution to patient retention, 62% of patients were retained through completion of an intensive 6-month protocol.

Note: Article A Rosenblum, Natl Dev & Res Inst Inc, 11 Beach St, New York, NY 10013 USA

Keyword(s): psychotherapy; video; chemical dependency; COCAINE ABUSERS; PSYCHOTHERAPY; THERAPY; ADOLESCENTS; ADDICTS; SELF

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