Heilpflanzen-Welt - Die Welt der Heilpflanzen!
Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
January 2022

Between the extant and the possible

Journal/Book: J Constr Psychol. 1996; 9: 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007-1598. Taylor & Francis. 263-282.

Abstract: The present article focuses on the role of conversations in therapy and the generative potentialities of dialogue. Psychotherapy is considered a process of creation of meaning and practices in collaborative discourse, a process in which new (alternative) ways of narrating events emerge and are transformed. The concepts of dialogic patterns, narrative networks and forms, networks of networks, metaphoric organizers, and metonomies are considered as part of the dialogic creation of new alternatives as illustrated in two clinical examples. These concepts invite new perspectives and points of departure in therapy. The theoretical and clinical view presented is informed by developmental models that underscore emerging possibilities; nonlinear models of change; nondeficit clinical practices; co-participative designs for therapy and training; ethnic, gender, class, and cultural diversity in therapy; and multidimensional views of human experience.

Note: Article DF Schnitman, Fdn Interfas, Castex 3217, RA-1425 Buenos Aires, DF, Argentina

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