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January 2022

Voice onset time in speech produced during simultaneous communication

Author(s): Whitehead, R. L., Metz, D. E., Whitehead, B., Mignerey, M.

Journal/Book: J Speech Hear Res. 1996; 39: 10801 Rockville Pike Rd, Rockville, MD 20852-3279. Amer Speech-Lang-Hearing Assn. 565-572.

Abstract: This study investigated speaking rate and voice onset time (VOT) in speech produced during simultaneous communication (SC) by speakers with normal hearing. Stimulus words initiated with voiced and voiceless plosives were embedded in a sentence that was spoken and produced with SC. VOT measures were calculated from acoustic recordings and results indicated significant differences between speech-only and SC conditions, with speech produced during SC demonstrating both slower speaking rate and increased VOT of voiceless consonants. VOTs produced during both SC and speech-only conditions followed English voicing rules and varied appropriately with place of articulation. The somewhat enlarged voicing contrast during SC was consistent with previous findings regarding the influence of rate changes on the temporal fine structure of speech (Miller, 1987) and was similar to the voicing contrast results reported for clear speech by Picheny, Durlach, and Braida (1986).

Note: Article N Schiavetti, SUNY Coll Geneseo, Dept Commun Sci & Disorders, 1 Coll Circle, 218 Sturges Hall, Geneseo, NY 14454 USA

Keyword(s): voice onset time; simultaneous communication; signed English; finger-spelling; HEARING; CHILDREN; DIMENSIONS; SIGN

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