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January 2022

Towards a new world system: A cultural perspective

Journal/Book: Futures. 1996; 28: Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford, Oxon, England OX2 8DP. Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. 285-299.

Abstract: What would the world system look like from a cultural perspective? How would it function? These questions are assuming greater and greater importance and urgency as the present system breaks down and culture increasingly becomes a potent force in community, regional, national and international affairs. In an attempt to answer these questions, an initial cut is taken at piecing together a 'cultural portrait' of the world system of the future. Based on such foundations as utilization of culture's long and distinctive intellectual tradition, acceptance, of the holistic character of culture, adoption of a cultural interpretation of history, and affirmation of culture's highest, wisest and most enduring principles, rather than basest and crudest practices, it is a portrait which makes culture and cultures the centrepiece of the world system of the future. Within this system, much more attention will have to be given to the creation of an indivisible world, a global federation of world cultures, international cooperation, collaboration, caring and sharing, cultural education, and realization of people's needs, rights and responsibilities. A world cultural transformation is proposed as the best vehicle for achieving this.

Note: Article DP Schafer, World Culture Project, 19 Sir Gawaine Pl, Markham, on, Canada

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