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January 2022

Singers' and non-singers' vocal health, vocal behaviours, and attitudes towards voice and singing: Indirect findings from a questionnaire

Author(s): Mathersschmidt, B., Larson, G. W.

Journal/Book: Eur J Disorder Commun. 1996; 31: 7 Bath Place, London, England EC2A 3DR. College Speech & Language Therapists. 193-209.

Abstract: A vocal health questionnaire was administered in three locations in the USA to female university singers and non-singers. The responses of 70 singers and 89 non-singers were analysed. The questionnaire solicited background information as well as information about vocal health and symptoms, vocally abusive speech habits, attitudes toward singing and vocal health, feelings about the voice, and general affective/dysphoric tendencies. There were marked, sometimes diametric, differences between singers' and non-singers' responses, attesting to the unique attitude and heightened sensivity and concern of singers regarding voice, singing and vocal health.

Note: Article S Sapir, Shakked Voice & Speech Rehabil Clin, IL-30099 Kibbutz Sarid, Israel

Keyword(s): singers; singing; voice disorders; MUSICAL PERFORMANCE ANXIETY; ATTRITION

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