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August 2022

Clients' influence in the selection of elements of a psychic reading

Journal/Book: J Parapsychol. 1996; 60: PO Box 6847, College Station, Durham, NC 27708. Parapsychology Press. 43-70.

Abstract: This study tests: the suggestion that clients of psychic readers may be able to remotely influence the reader's choice of elements for their reading in a manner analogous to other DMILS effects. Twenty-seven subjects were recruited to act as clients in an ''assessment of a psychic claimant,'' and they received readings transmitted via a computer linkup. However, there was no claimant. Instead, reading elements were selected from a pool of 75 items. Each reading of 20 statements consisted of half selected in real time via a live REG (the experimental items) and half using a preselected list derived using random number tables (control items). Subjects rated each element for accuracy. REG-selected items were rated by subjects as more accurate than control items, although the difference was not significant (t = -1.333, p = .097, one-tailed). ''Success'' in item selection was not related to belief or attitude variables. As predicted, feeling types were superior to perceiving types at the task, but not significantly so (U = 23.5, p = .12, one-tailed). Other predictions based on Jungian personality types were not supported. It is suggested that although the study failed to elicit effects that achieved conventional significance, the effect sizes reported are of a reasonable magnitude for REG-based studies. Further work is recommended.

Note: Article CA Roe, Nene Coll, Psychol Div, Northampton NN2 7AL, England


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